Bedding Savers

The Pillow Scarf helps making the bed quick and easy while hiding the unsightly sleeping pillows!

Secret Side Table and Secret Pet Step are hidden when not in use.

The Secret Side Table is easy to transport and stores between the mattress and box springs and slides out up tp 24" to give needed table space.

The Secret Pet Step slides between the mattress and boxsprings and slides out when needed for pet to use.

The Bedding Saver stores between the matttess and box springs and slides out to place a suitcase for packing and unpacking or to place a cushion for pets to sleep or a place to store all the extra bed pillows and keeping the bedding off the floor while sleeping.

Before Bedding Savers!

   AFTER Using Bedding Savers products!
1.  Pillow Scarf
2.  Secret Side Table
3.  Secret Pet Step
4.  Bedding Saver

Bedding Savers


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